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Anjerīku アンジェリーク ♪~Singer~Artist~Fashionista~K-popper~Pinay~♪

Instagram: @Sireneyes
Behind the screen
My blog serves it’s purpose to percolate my creative, emotional and artistic senses. I’m a singer who is also captivated by the visual arts and the world of fashion and beauty. Alternate forms of expression are vital to who I am. I hold a strong desire to call the stage my home and to become inseparable with my paintbrush. I’m infatuated with Asian culture and couture and spellbound by anything pink and pretty. I refuse to abandon my youthful image and I still remain faithful to the things that shape the girl I am today. But, there is no doubt I look forward to the future ahead of me. <3
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A voice that resonates not only sound but color.


tweaked by Vinia